Eva Evans - graphic and web design

Welcome to my website!

My name is Eva Evans.

I'm a graphic designer and web developer. I have engineer degree in biotechnology but I developed myself in computer sciences.

I use open source software, modules, script code, photo and video editing programs to create designer products and web sites. As a freelancer I can create your personal website or small business website, blog, gallery, on-line store, etc. I can design and create your logo. I specialized in product photography, preparing item's image for on-line sale. I create, edit and publish videos for commercial purposes.

I speak Bulgarian(native), English and Spanish.


Eva Evans - Collector and resaler of antique and estate diamond jewelry

One of my personal hobby is learning about, collecting and re-selling antique diamonds and estate jewelry. You can check my current items for sale, also read my articles about antique and modern diamonds and jewelry.